Mary: "I'm going to Madrid tomorrow"Mary said that she WAS going to Madrid the following day  -       Dave: I HAVE SEEN that filmDave said that he HAD SEEN that film-       Mike: I HAD BEEN thereHe said that he HAD BEEN there-       Jenny: I WAS WATCHING a film    Jenny said that she WAS WATCHING a film.     Jenny said that she had been watching a film-       I'm going tomorrowHe said he was going the next day (o "the following day")-       I'm playing football next weekHe said he was playing football the following week-       I went last weekHe said he had gone the week before
I can speak English

He said that he COULD speak English

- I'll see you next week

She said that she WOULD see him the following week
John: "My name's John" (direct speech)

He said (that*) his name was John (reported speech)