He had gone visit his parents.      Had she played chess?
The dog had eaten bones in the garden. Had you ordered the wrong books?
I was cold because I hadn't taken any warm clothes. Had you put salt in the soup?
It was the first time she had ever competed in the Olimpics. Had he studied the lesson?
The computer crashed. Luckily, I had saved all my work on it. Had you just had lunch?
We had known each other since we were five? How many years had you lived here?
He had never been to America before. Had you ever been to America before?
It was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Had Carla gone out when I phoned her?
After we had done the washing-up, we went for a walk.Had she finished her project before she went out?
When I arrived, Tim had left. Had you forgotten Sheila's birthday?
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