Die, but breathing

I'm scared, I talk to people but no one can hear me, passed as if I didn't exit,
- could anybody see me? Are you blindar deaf? -I scream-. For me, nothing makes sense. I woke up in a desolate, feeling that he had left something that was intensely attached. -Ohhhh! Where is my family? -I think-. Quiclky I run to my house. I realize that the door is closet and no one hears the bell. Seeking an entry fast, when I can see one of the window are all gathered in the hall, in moments I realize that my parents and my sister Betsy are not alone, in my house are visiting distant relatives and old friends. -What do these people in my house?. I walk in the kitchen, trying not to make noise for anyone to see me. I never liked to greet so many people at once. I thought about going to sleep quickly. When I go up to my room I stopped at the door of my sister's room, when I get reminded that when Betsy was born I did not want her because my parents gave more care to her, after I loaded it for the first time his gaze was so deep that from that moment I beca me his guide of life. I am sure that I love her more than anyone can imagine, I leave the room when my little sister I went to mine. When I enterad my room I found a letter from my mother, in short words read: that even though I was not with them was always going to be the light of you eyes and the angel which gave birth and 16 years after death, ¡DEATH!, that word left me cold, I began to understand why no one saw me on the streetwise, si it really my wake? What was in that killed me? ¡Oh my good! - I exclaimed. How is it that I can speak, listen to myself, if I'm dead? Why else and I have no brain, and I feel even more excited when Elisa watched walking don the class?. Elisa is the girl that I've always been in love since grade school, I know she loved me his eyes did not lie, and now that I'm dead I can never say. I kept reading trying to figure out how it had been my death but found nothing, so I ran downstairs quicicly and effectively in the midst of so many people was a coffin with my body inside. The people spoke of the terrible motocycle accident. Then I remembered that the night before had gone to a party with my friends but it was a party full of more ''fun" just looked all kinds of drugs and alcohol, then I figured that I got on the bike with David had the accident, the two were so drugged that we did not know that's what we did...
At that moment I realized that I was no longer part of this world and should transcend, but it was not like the móvies to see a light Rose to heaven , no,here's a Voice that calls me and I realize that is my grandfather. When I see him I said:-my son , as you have accepted that you no longer belong to this world Now can come with me. So it was, I went with my beloved grandfather who died when I was only 13 years .I always played with him after school and when he died I missed him so much that my parents bought me a dog and I named my grandfather Frederick . My do gas ever was my farthful company still me after he was there lying dead under the coffin ,I have the feeling that if he could see me.
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