Hello my name is ... i from ... i ... years old, im student i like a ... my favorite fodd is... etc
Hi, my name is (your name), I'm (your age) years old, I'm from (your country). I'm in (the name of your school)'s school, I'm in (your grade) grade and I like a lot the asignature of (your favorite asignature).
I live in my house with my (your family, mother, father, sister, etc). My favorite food is (your favorite food). My hobby is (your hobby). I have a (your pet) called (the name of your pet), (talk about your pet), I just love my (your pet).
My favorite kind of music is (your fave kind of music). I love (a band you like). My favorite song is (the name of your fave song). 
When I grow up I want to be (what you want to be). I want that because (the reason).
Y lo que quieras agregar xd