Madrid, March 13, 2014
agency property manager
Subject: Request for assistance OpeningMr. Alfonso Garcia Director of Bank of New York
Workers in the " Al dente" pizzeria we send you this invitation because of the upcoming opening of our pizzeria. We want to thank you for your support over the years, and the trust you put in us to grant the loan. Since you will be able to check the new pizzeria " AlDente " is no longer a dream and it's finally a reality. Do you hesitate to attend the event with his wife and children . After the initial conversation , by curl Trunks, action will be clowns for the kids , appetizers and dance music. Late in the afternoon, in honor of you, attend the event a group of women of moral distracted , we know in advance will be to your liking.No more to add , I say goodbye cordially waiting for your reply.A big hugWorkers " Al dente" .