Estas son en presente simple                                                                                         Colin plays football every Tuesday.    First Colin plays football, then he watches TV.    The film starts at 8 pm    Bob works in a restaurant     He feels the cold.                                      Estas son en presente continuo                                                                                      He is leaving the house    Quiet please! I am writing a test.    But look! Today she is going by bike.    We are playing Monopoly at the moment.      I am not doing anything at the moment.                                                                                                                              Estas son en pasado simple                                                                                           A song was sung by her.   I was hit by somebody      The bus was stopped by us.    My car was stolen by a thief.      He was not let go by them.                                                     Estas son en present perfect                                                                                              Have you answered the question?           Has Jenny locked the door?           Has Walter called us?             Have you seen the picture?              Have your parents got the letter?                   Etas son las de pasado contiuo                                                                                                 He was playing football.    While she was preparing dinner, he was washing the dishes.    When I was having breakfast, the phone suddenly rang.    Was I speaking?      Iwas not speaking.
Present simpple:

-1) I go the school.
-2)We cook a pizza.
-3)She balses a cake.
-4)I run in the street.
-5)The girl walks at park

present continuo:

-1)I´m doing my homework in the  evening.
-2)She´s calling to her boyfriend.

-3)He´s runnig in the park.
-4)My father is driving the new car.
-5)My mom is marking a delicious cake.

simple past

-1)They broke a window.
-2)We bought some drinks.
-3)She fall asleep.
-4) He kicked the ball.
-5)I turned on the lights.

past continuo:

-1) I was working at vonafe.
-2)I was walking down the beach.
-3)She was looking out of the window.
-4)I was thinking about you.
-5)Obama was talking.

present perfect:

-1)I have seen many movies with special effects. 
-2)He´s already climbed up mountain.
-3)My son has never spoken to a stranger online.
-4)She has been a doctor for 3 years.
-5)He´s never walked on fire.
-6)Many animals have become extinct.
-7)They have never milked a cow.
-8)I have ridden a horse.
-9)He has played soccer for 2 years.
-10)Rafael has played tennis for 10 years.