I need go to the bathroom
I need drink water
I need rest
I need to do my homework
I need help


I want to eat a sandwich 
I want to go to a party 
I want a Hugg 

Tomorrow, I'll go to my school 
I have to go to the doctor 
I'm going to the cinema today 
I have a precious little cat 
I have a lot of work 
They have a beautiful house 
1. Doctors have to treat people.
2. Teachers have to be very patient.
3. A secretary has to be organised.
4. Postmen/women have to deliver letters.
5. Sportsmen/women have to train very hard.
6. I have to work everyday.
7.She have to clean the house.
8.You have to stop smoking.
9. I have to do my homework.
10. I havo to go home.