¡La mejor respuesta!
1. There is only a few kids from our class present today, the rest must got sick.
2. I hope there is any milk left I need at least a little for my coffee.
3. I love my mother a lot!
4. Could you move a little? I won´t fit on the sofe if you´d be sitting like this.
5. There is a lot to do before the end of the semester, I´d rather start studying.
6. Only a few of my friends had travelled outside the country.
7. It is a little bit risky to do the bungee jumping.
8. A lot of work must be done before this house would be ready for us to move in.
9. There is only a little suger left, who had used it all?
10. Have you ever travel by plane? Yes, few times.

"A lot of" 
I bought a lot of shoes yesterday. 
So, ¿Now you have a lot of shoes? 
Not really, I only bought 4 pairs of shoes. 

"A few" 
Maya, ¿Can you stay a few more minutes please? 
Sure I can stay a few more minutes but it has to be fast. 
I don't have that much time either so, is going to take less than a few minutes. 

"A little" 
Joel has a little dog. 
¿Does he lives in a little dog house? 
The dog doesn't have a little house. He sleeps inside.