1. Me gusta tu foto de Gatito

Must es debe o debes(de hacer) como cuando te ordenan hacer algo

ahora 10 oraciones
1.You must order your room = Tu debes ordenar tu cuarto
2.You must do your homework
3.You must eat your vegetables
4.You must drink water
5.You must take out the trash
6.You must feed the cat
7.You must turn off the computer
8.You must take out a 100 in English
9.You must obey your parents
10.You must give me points = tu debes dar me puntos (solo era una broma)

espero te sirva!

MUST= tener que...
I must be obedient.
You must study.
She must help.
We must go to school.
They must drink milk.
I musn't scream.
You musn't insult others.
He musn't be improper.
We musn't laugh
They musn't be late.