1. He doesn’t sing opera. (Él no canta opera).
2. She doesn’t like that kind of food. (A ella no le gusta ese tipo de comida).
3. It doesn’t fit. (No queda).
4. It doesn’t work. (No funciona).
5. He doesn’t act well. (Él no actúa bien).
1. I don’t think so. (No lo creo).
2. I don’t buy that stuff. (No compro de esas cosas).
3. They don’t go there. (Ellos no van ahí).
4. We don’t play together. (Nosotros no tocamos juntos).
5. You don’t do that very often. (Tú no haces eso muy seguido).

She doesn`t like the chinesse food.
He doesn`t hates me
She doesn`t her bed
It doesn`t be good
He doesn`t like fish