Necesito encontrar 15 verbos en este texto alguien que me ayude porfavor

mark zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire on the planet. he created facebook, a profound impact on the world. many people know much about him. it´s amazing!. the website was originally and briefly called facemash. Mark was a second year student in harvard, when he wrote the software for the facemash website. on february 4, 2004, Mark relaunched with a new website "thefacebook". the company changed the name from "thefacebook" to just facebook.
facebook builds products to establish utility for users, developers, and advertisers. people use facebook to connect with their friends and family. people want to find others who have the same interest and hobbies. they want to discover what is going on the world around them. many teenagers and adults share photos, videos, and messages. also, they express what matters to them and how are they going. people use the facebook platform to integrate applications and websites from internet for its global network of users. it offers advertisers a combianation of relevance, social context and engagement. in september 25, 2013 facebook acquired mobile technologies, a developer of online applications



Created, wrote,want,have,discover,use,called,changed,builds,connect,same,going,integrate,acquired,advertisers
Is,created,know,it's,was,was,wrote,relaunched,changed,builds,use,want,find,have,want,discover,is going, share, express, going, use, its,offers,acquired,

el it's el verbo creo que es el is (it is= it's)