Tengo que redactar una historia en ingles en tiempo pasado , mínimo 15 lineas

When the hall was beginning to get impatient , opened his eyes and , with a smile, took one of the papers , put it to his mouth and swallowed it quickly. Shocked and outraged , the present reproached .
But what has he done ? Now how the hell can we know the verdict?

- It's very simple man replied . It's a matter of reading the paper remaining , and know what he said which I swallowed .
With grumblings and very ill-concealed anger , they had to release the accused , and never bother you again .
Copialo todo junto es una historia de la injusticia hacia un hombre muy sanio.
Muy sabio
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Yesterday was a nice day. . First, I went to my frien´s house and we do many interesting things. as we were bored and do not savíamos went to the cinema and we saw a very entertaining movie. Later we went to give a buelta and met more friends. All of us went to play a basketball game. Great time
donde pone "great time" quería decir "we had a great time"
my summer holidays
my last summer holidays was in france paris  . i loved paris because it was very beutiful,big and  the best think i liked it was a disney land .i went to the both parks of disney land i had dinner in vey nice hotels . my favourite part of paris was elfer tower i was so big and beutiful i clicked a lots of fotos .i also met to my uncels houses i have a lots of familiars there .
one day i aslo stayed in home of my aunt with her daughteres .we had a lot of fun,they show mw there school there street ,also they showed me the ,malls near there home .they were very beutiful and big .there home was very big and beutiful.
i also visited to the famous places like the .
La Conciergerie it was origanilay part of the royal palece .
Musee d'Orsay building which served as a train station until 1960's.
Arc de Triomphe It's the biggest triumphal arch in the world .
Musee Picasso.
Notre Dame de Paris Located at the center of Paris
Musee Rodin is located in an elegant eighteen century mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Atelier Brancusi is located in a small one level building in front of the Centre George Pompidou.
i visited all this places with a guide
i went to paris with my family
i had a great time and a lot of fun we stayed for 15 days and the 15 days was like the best days of my life
this was about my last summer holidays
espero haber te ayudado
una cosa no he puesto mayusculas despues de punto pon los tu es que yo tenia prisa y por eso