Me pueden dar unas oraciones en inglés con las palabras
1. responsible
2. invincible
3. contemptible
4. susceptible
5. suggestible
6. fusible
7. extensible
8. compressible
9. fallible
10. horrible
agradecería si me respondieron gracias :D



1. you are the one working there, you should be responsible of your stuff
2. If I want I can be invincible
3.not to achieve a result and not to display willingness to negotiate would simply be contemptible
4. she´s very susceptible to everything.
5. maybe it could be suggestible if we just told them
6. that fusible is old, i´ll need to change it now.
7. that story is extensible, maybe the author should make it larger-
8. all the aluminium cans are compressible
9.that option is fallible.
10. that music is horrible, please turn off the radio.