Cual es la forma gramatical de estos:
1. She goes to bed late.______
2.She had a beutiful and modern car._______
3. He is studying math in the library__________
4. They are going to come home to have dinner with us______
5. It is needed to change of car for next year______

Porfa lo necesito urgentemente dare muchos puntos!! :) porfa aganlo bien :)



1. She went to...
2. She has a..
3. Segun yo esta bien
4. They are coming home..
5.It is necessary to change...
Forma gramatical:
1- simple present: subject+ infinitive verb+ complement
2. Simple past: subject+ verb in past+ complement
3. Present countinuous: subject+ verb to be+ verb -ing+ complement
4. future (going to): subject+ verb to be+ going to+ infinitive verb+ complement
5. Passive voice: subject+ verb to be+ past participle

Buenas noches, espero haberte ayudado con tu pregunta :)