They had been talking for over an hour before Tony arrived.She had been working at that company for three years when it went out of business.How long had you been waiting to get on the bus?Mike wanted to sit down because he had been standing all day at work.James had been teaching at the university for more than a year before he left for Asia.A: How long had you been studying Turkish before you moved to Ankara?
B: I had not been studying Turkish very long. este es past perefec continuos
1-Laura needed a break because she had been studying all morning.
2-When Lorraine moved to England, she had been learning English for 12 years.
3-I did not go out last night because I had been working all day.
4-Orla felt fit for the marathon because she had been exercising a lot.
5-When I went to see Ms Winter, her secretary told me that she had been speaking on the phone for two hours.
6-You got sick because you had been eating all the time.
7-When the musician became director of the opera house, he had been living in this town for ten years.
8-We had been going out together for two years before I met his family.
9-The passengers had been waiting for four hours before the ground staff could finally give them information on the delay of their flight.
10-When I noticed my mistake, I had been driving for an hour in the wrong direction.