2. She was eating. (Ella estaba comiendo).
3. It is horrible. (Eso es horrible).
4. Are you crazy? (¿Estás loco?).
5. They are kind of wird. (Ellos son medio raros).
6. We are too smart. (Nosotros somos muy inteligentes).
7. She is pretty. (Ella es bonita).
8. They are funny. (Ellos son chistosos).
9. Have you ever been there? (¿Alguna vez has estado ahí?).
10. It is cool. (Eso está padre).1. He is very tall. (Él es muy alto).

Primero hace va con h y c del verbo hacer
I'm a pretty girl
He is a fat boy
It is my favorite game
You are a good person
How are you?
What do you do?
I am the best student
She is a god girl
You don't eat a hot dog
He is my love