¡La mejor respuesta!

J: Hello Marc, Where were you yesterday?. 
M: Hi Jhon, yesterday I was taking the dinner with my family. 
J: I was calling you all night. 
M: Yeah? Why did you call me so much?. 
J: It was that my aunt gave me two entrances for the concert of "Simple Plan", and I wanted you to come with me. 
M: Ahhy!! That a bad luck, But did you went?. 
J: Yes, I went. 
M: And, how was it? 
J: it was the best thing, they had a lot of people, the sound was super, the lights were sensational, green and blue, and people screamed very high. 
M: Oh!! that' good. I am happy because you had a great time! 
J: And to you, How was it you in your dinner? 
M: Fantastic, it had live music, and there was a lot of food, very delicious, they had big plates of desserts and all my family was. 
J: That good that we both pass it well yesterday. 
M: Yes, yesterday was a stupendous day.
El orden seria persona 1, persona 2, 1,2,1,2,1,2 etc... } 
te daras cuenta que el primero es un chico y la segunda una chica, a la que estan invitando a salir 

Hey there! 
oh, hey! 
What are you up to? 
Nothing really, just watching tv. 
you're pretty lazy. 
Hey, it's rainning, what else am i supposed to do? 
You know, there are things we call umbrellas. 
Are you implying something? 
and... i have 2 of them. 
Are you asking me out? seriously? 
any problem with that? 
Cool, then let's go to the movies! 
Sure, sounds great! 

oh, Hola! 
que andas haciendo? 
nada en realidad, solo viendo tele. 
eres bastante perezosa 
oye, está lloviendo, que otra cosa podria hacer acaso? 
sabes, hay cosas que se llaman sombrillas. 
en que estas pensando? 
y ..... tengo 2 de ellas 
me estas invitando a salir? en serio? 
algun problema? / supone algun problema eso para ti? 
emmm... pues no. 
bien! entonces vayamos a cine! 
claro! suena genial 

espero que sea lo suficientemente facil :)