Direct SpeechReported SpeechPresent SimplePast SimplePlay"He's American," she said.PlayShe said he was American.Play"I'm happy to see you," Mary said.PlayMary said that she was happy to see me.PlayHe asked, "Are you busy tonight?"PlayHe asked me if I was busy that night.Present ContinuousPast ContinuousPlayDan is living in San Francisco," she said.PlayShe said Dan was living in San Francisco.PlayHe said, "I'm making dinner."PlayHe told me that he was making dinner.Play"Why are you working so hard?" they asked.PlayThey asked me why I was working so hard.Past SimplePast Perfect SimplePlay"We went to the movies last night," he said.PlayHe told me they had gone to the movies the night before.Play"Greg said, "I didn't go to work yesterday."PlayGreg said that he hadn't gone to work the day before.Play"Did you buy a new car?" she asked.PlayShe asked me if I had bought a new car.Past ContinuousPast Perfect ContinuousPlay"I was working late last night," Vicki said.PlayVicki told me she'd been working late the night before.PlayThey said, "we weren't waiting long."PlayThey said that they hadn't been waitinglong.Play" He asked, "were you sleeping when I called?"PlayHe asked if I'd been sleeping when he called.Present Perfect SimplePast Perfect SimplePlay"Heather said, "I've already eaten."PlayHeather told me that she'd already eaten.Play"We haven't been to China,they said.PlayThey said they hadn't been to China.Play"Have you worked here before?" I asked.PlayI asked her whether she'd worked therebefore.