Challengue accepted.
Con a little
-I have a few close friends, two or three.
-I´ll be ready  in a few minutes.
-There are a few cigarettes left, but not many.
-She has a few friends.
-A few days ago.
-There where only a few houses.
-I last saw Peter a few days ago.
-He does´t speak much English. Only a few.
-Raquel´s grandfather died a few years ago.

Con little
-She has little energy.
-We´ve got a little time before the train leaves.
-I want eat little cake.
-You have little interest.
-He has little knowledge.
-A little exercise a day would do you good.
-My little brother is dangerous.
-They have a little creativity in the central part.
-There is a little hope.
-They computers are little problems.

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