Porfa necesito 10 oraciones usando adjetivos comparativos

es en ingles verdad
She is not as pretty as her sister.
He does not sing as well as I do.
Can a man run as fast as a horse?
she is as tall as her brother.
Paris is as expensive as Tokyo
This flat is not as big as that house.
This book is as interesting as that magazine
Alex is as intelligent as his father.
This new house is as beautiful as the old one.
My car is as comfortable as yours.
Bueno, pues ya están las 10. Espero que te sirvan.


1-This book is as interesting as that magazine. 
2-This department is not as big as this house.
 3-London is almost as expensive as Tokyo
 4-This tree is not as high as the other 
5-In summer, Tokyo is just as hot as the desert
 6 - this book is more expensive
7 - The country life is not as agitated as it is in the city
8-This book is the least expensive 
9-This house is the least comfortable 
10 - he is not as big as his brother
¡La mejor respuesta!
1. She is taller than me
2. Pablo is smaller than me
3. Laura's foot is bigger than mine
4. My house is bigger than her house
5. She is more intelligent than me
6. They are faster than Laura
7. I am the craziest in my class
8.That jeans are the most expensive
9. She is the youngest in our class
10. We are the best in maths.

espero que te sirva<3