Hi Sarah!

I am writng to you to tell you all about my summer holidays. Me, my sister Jessa and my best friend Hannah we stayed for a week at  my aunt´s house on the seaside. The weather was great so we were lying on the beach for hours and swimming in the sea. We used my cousins´ bikes to get to the sea shore, I love riding a bike so it was so great! We also meet some local kids during our stay and they showed us some really lovely places in the town we had no idea about. On the afternoons we were going to the main square, buying some delicious ice cream and eating them on our way to the park. We could stay in the park for hours, just playing and swinging on the swings or carousel.
On the very last night my new friend Martin prepared a party for us in his house. We were talking and listening to the music and dancing till late hours. Then my aunt have called me and asked to get back home immediately since it was already midnight. So Martin asked his dad to give us a ride back home, which he did. I think it was very nice of him. Also I need to confess to you that I think I am a little bit in love with Martin. The day we were leaving he came to my aunt´s place and brought a lovely sea shell with him it was a present for me! I was so surprised but I loved it.
Well anyway, I hope you are having great time on your camp and that we will see again very soon.
Take care!
Love you!

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