1.- The cake was eaten by them. 
2.- The room was painted by my father. 
3.- The book was written by Noa Gordon. 
4.- The children were taught by their teacher. 
5.- My friends were punished by the police. 
6.- My homework was made by a friend. 
7.- The car was washed by my brother. 
8.- The cat was killed by a car. 
1.- The letter was being written by my sister. 
2.- The class was being attended by many sudents. 
3.- The school was being burnt by a huge fire. 
4.- My cousin was being educated in Europe. 
5.-The mail was being brought by the mailman. 
6.-I was being asked to come early. 
7.- The car was being fixed by a good man. 
8.- The case was being argued by us. 
1.- The present is given by me. 
2.- The cookies are made by my mother. 
3.- The door is shut by Pepe. 
4.- The dress is torn by the dog. 
5.- I am woken by the alarm colock. 
6.- The bags are carried by the janitor. 
7.- The jar is shaken by a baby. 
8.- The house is left completly empty by the thieves. 
1.- The plants are being watered by the gardener. 
2.- The veredict is being discussed by the jury. 
3.- The house is being built by a fmous arquitect. 
4.- The gold is being stolen by a gang. 
5.- The comercials are being brought by tv chanels. 
6.- The ring is being bought by my boyfriend. 
7.- The taxi is being driven by a taxi driver. 
8.- My friend is being forgiven by his wife.