Hola, necesito describir a los siguientes personajes del libro de Oliver Twist de la Editorial Burlington Books, y la relación que tiene cada uno con Oliver.
-Mr Sowerberry.
-Mr Noah.
-Mr Brownlow.

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Mr sowerberry: was a tall and thin man, he made coffins for dead bodies. He want Oliver to work at his shop.

Mr Noah Claypole: was a big boy with small eyes and a red nose. He is the master of Oliver (Oliver work under Noah´s orders)

Fagin: was a ugly old man with red hair and beard, he wore dirty clothes and was a miser. He was one of the bad people of the story, he want Oliver to "work" for him (the boys steal things for Fagin).

Mr Brownlow: was an old man and live in a very nice house. He took care of Oliver and he was the new family for him. (he adopted Oliver)
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