Espero te sirva esto:

El pasado progresivo se usa para expresar una actividad en el pasado la cual fue interrumpida.

They weren't talking to Frank when the visitor came.
Ellos no estaban hablando con Frank cuando el visitante llegó.

They weren't walking the dog when a wolf attacked.
Ellos no estaban caminando con el perro cuando un lobo los atacó.

He wasn't running with Susan when the tornado came.
El no estaba corriendo con Susan cuando vino el tornado.

We weren't talking to Frank, when the accident happened.
Nosotros no estabamos hablando con Frank, cuando el accidente sucedió .

Present Simple:

She drinks coke everyday

She drives home always

He runs in the park at 6 o'clock

I love music

We study everyday

I swim every monday

She loves terror movies

He likes fish

She sleeps until 7 o'clock always

You don't need to be so stupid

Past Simple

I wrote a letter last week

He swimed at the pool yesterday

She went to the supermarket yesterday

They runned around the park last month

She drove a bus yesterday

He got lost last month

They travelled to new york last year

They used your computer 5 minutes ago

We moved to miami 2 days ago

I flew on a plane last month

Present Continous

She's driving a bike now

He's playing tennis right now

They are driving a boat

He is eating an apple now

She's running at the park right now

They are living in a farm

We are walking on the street

He is talking about money

She is dreaming right now

We are going to school.

Past Continous

He was driving yesterday

She was swimming at the pool yesterday

He was drinking coke last week

They were running last week

We were talking about you

They were playing football yesterday

He was playing rugby last week

She was cooking a cake last month

I was chatting in my room yesterday

They were crying yesterday


Espero te sirva..