Fernanda no te puedo dar las 20 oraciones pero si 10 : 1. He is very tall. (Él es muy alto).2. She was eating. (Ella estaba comiendo).3. It is horrible. (Eso es horrible).4. Are you crazy? (¿Estás loco?).5. They are kind of wird. (Ellos son medio raros).6. We are too smart. (Nosotros somos muy inteligentes).7. She is pretty. (Ella es bonita).8. They are funny. (Ellos son chistosos).9. Have you ever been there? (¿Alguna vez has estado ahí?).10. It is cool. (Eso está padre).
No te preocupes, me han sido de mucha ayuda, gracias!


1- I'm Angelina  2- I'm from Venezuela  3- You are big  4- You aren't small  5- We was swimming 6-I was watching Tv 7- It is dog 8-She's happy 9- He isn't tall 10- It is cat 11- You aren't beautiful 12- She's beautiful 13-They are from Japan 14-I am good boy 15- You have my brother 16- I am hungry 17- He is fat 18-He is shy 19- My mother is cute. 20- We are beautiful.
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1. I am study in the school near of house.
2. They are drinks milk in the night.
3. We are buy clothes in the afternoon.
4. You are eat eggs.
5. I am go to the park
6. She likes pop music and rock music
7. I am writing to homewrok 
8. He is swimming in the pool 
9. I am running in the morning
10. The cats are drink milk today 

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