How about Gary here my composition :
my familyMy family consists of 5 members :My mother's name is Ana Tagle , is 52 years old is very decisive and secure in what he does, he is very affectionate with my nephews , continually attends church in my neighborhood as a catechist interacts with children as they prepare for their first communion and teaches the values ​​of a good Christian , his hobby is listening to the radio and do not like watching too much television .My father's name is Victor Ponguillo , he has 60 years old is a good father because he knew me advice at appropriate times , is also an overlap of antics of my nephews and he loves my mother, also active in the church , as extraordinary minister and prepares parents of kids with biblical teachings and confirmation with his experience as a father, his hobby is to study and see fox sport .MY sister is called Duberly Ponguillo and is the largest among us she is 32, is married and has 2 beautiful children who call Roger and Deynna Alvarado , they have 3 and 7 years respectively but together they are an earthquake with his antics , especially my nephew who is very active , my sister has been a very good friend of his hobby is caring for their children and watch movies. Me I cuñando called Roger Alvarado and is a good FatherMy Brother is Ponguillo Bolívar is the youngest of us, is 19 years old , is fascinated playing drums and electric guitar so it works both in the music industry presentations and tuning musical instruments he works at Mas Music and practice a lot with your electronic drums in his spare time .And , my name is Victor Ponguillo like my father, I took second place among my brothers , I have 24 years , I love to watch television and cinema, working as and electrical technician Tecnielectrica , I learned a lot in concerning the technical since I have worked in various industries with electrical projects which sometimes made ​​me miss college, but how good do what I love and enjoy working in industrial complexes.