Me podéis hacer un resumen del libro 'Tales Of Arabian Nights' pero en inglés por favor? Tiene que ser un resumen de todos los capítulos, no de cada capítulo un resumen, si no en general de todo lo que iba el libro. Doy 10 puntos y elijo como mejor respuesta a quien me ayude por favor!



1. L - Gamali heal .The protagonist is a wealthy merchant who one night he has a genius named Qumqam that forces him to kill the governor to release. This will trastornándole slowly , to the point that commits a crime which makes him even more mad . Genius prepares everything so that al- Gamali be with the governor and kill him . He promises to al- Gamali that will not happen anything wrong since he has the power to save him. The story ends with the death of the governor at the hands of al- Gamali and decapitation of the same , as the genius betrays him and does not save you .Two . AL- bulti Gamasa .History repeats itself . This time the protagonist is a police chief and genius called Signam . Release the genie in a lake and is afraid that his destiny is the same as that of his friend - Gamali . Genius does disappear jewelry woman governor. Al- bulti is accused of failing to keep order in the neighborhood and even he be the thief. Al- bulti can not defend because everything is the work of genius that has been punished for abusing his position and profiting from it. Al- bulti is tried and beheaded , but it turns behead a picture of al- bulti and this happens to be a different person.Three . THE CARRIER .The protagonist is again al- bulti , with a new image and , therefore , a new life . His new name is Abdullah. Connect with Fadil , who is the son of al- Gamali , and Sheik . Begins to murder different characters , all with a despicable behavior. The first victim is the private secretary to the governor . Later two other murders at the hands of al- bulti succeed . Are the waterboy Adnan Ibrahim and Shuma , the new police chief . According to al- bulti is doing the best, so he tells Signam when it comes to him . Again .A new makeover al-Bulti/Abdullah also occurs . Some day I will confess his crimes to save those who have been unjustly accused and take him for crazy and locked .April . NUR AL- DIN AND DUNYAZADA .It is the story of two new youth are manipulated by two geniuses : Sajrabut and Zarmabaha . I do believe I have been married and have spent their wedding night together. Son Nur al -Din , a humble seller of perfumes, and Dunyazada , sister of Scheherazade. Young people are smitten .Dunyazada has to marry a man who lends money to the governor. She is terrified because you will discover that you are pregnant and will be severely punished for it . Geniuses do not know how to stop .Then a furniture merchant appears apparent : Sahlul (actually the angel of death) , and it shows al- bulti the asylum. Find in a meadow where usually Dunyazada , who has escaped with the intent to commit suicide but were unable to and she tells her story. On another occasion Nur al- Din is also with al- bulti , it being now known as the crazy , speaks of his pain and he recognized him . The story ends with the reunion of young people and their wedding.May . ADVENTURES OF BARBER UGR.Ugr a bad man cheating on his wife . Crazy warns his sin. He is involved in a crime and eventually manages to succeed. Later seen again involved in another problem. This time go to a food that has not been invited . At lunch a confrontation occurs between diners and believe they have killed the hunchback. Ugr offered to bury him so that no one finds you .Actually the hunchback does not die but Ugr hides him in his home in order to qualify and so bribe allegedly saved a penalty decapitation ( by the death of the hunchback ) . He asks lots of money to the most powerful characters who are involved in the case and even al- Attar asks the hand of his sister Qamar .Ugr is discovered a day when the hunchback comes in coffee princes. They take all the money but manages to save his life thanks to crazy .Rest at source
y la traducción a español cual sería? es que no me deja hacer un copia y pega para traducir.