Complete with the present simple or the present progressive of the verbs in parentheses
Hi Ian!

I (1)___________ ( Write) to let you know that
I really (2) ______________ (love) your new website
I (3) ____________ (think) of creating my own website but
I (4) _____________(not know) how.My Brother. Josh. who
(5)_______________( know ) All About Computers. doesn't have the time to help me. So, can you help me out?
I (6) ____________ (hope) that you (7)_________________ ( not mind). What (8) ____________
you ___________( plan) on doing this saturday? In the morning my sister and I (9) _____________( go) Shopping, but I
(10)___________________( believe )we'll be back at around 1pm If you are free, maybe we can meet then. how about coming over to my house?
Hope to hear from you soon!




1. I am Writing
2. love 
3 I'm thinking 
4. I don't knoww 
5. Knows
6. I'm hoping 
7. Don't mind 
8. are
9. planning 
10. are going shopping 
11. Believe-

No estoy muy segura en algunas palabras, pero espero haberte ayudado. :)