1-she didnt eat breakfast 
2-i didnt take shower today 
3-i didnt do my homework 
4-i wasnt ugly before 
5-you werent in my home 
6-she wasnt clean 
7-i had not a house before 
8-i got stomach in the morning 
9- i didnt came to school yesterday 
10-i didnt like chinese food before 
11-i didnt sleep well last night 
12-i didnt travel last year 
13-my mom did not came today 
14-my cousin didnt go to the party 
16- she wasnt nice to me 
17-i didnt go to the store 
18-i did not the laundry this week 
19- i didnt go to work 
10-they were bad on the test
esas son oraciones negativas
por su a lluda
de nd