• gly
  • Aspirante

it is interesting for read

we are best friend for ever

you are study english today


it is not clean  

we are don't worry 

you are don't work now 


is it...(verb) ? 

are we..(verb) ? 

are you...(verb) ? 


i love being with you, it is amazing how much time we spend togheter.

it is allarming! i can't be with you any more, we aren't friends.

Is it night already? i remember you and i were reading a book, were we?


It's very difficult

I completely undestood the problem

We can make it shine!


It can't be so complicate

I can't hear you

you musn't be playing, you havn't done your homework yet.


Is it moving?

Am I crazy?

Have you ever been to Paris?