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She goes to the beach 
I went to a concert yesterday 
We are going to France next year 

They write a book 
She wrote a letter to me 
I will write a story 

he spend a lot of money in a shoes 
I spent all my money! 
she is going to spend 20 dollars in a blouse 

I begin an origami proyect 
we began to study yesterday 
I will begin to build a house 

She sings very good! 
I sang 2 songs to my mom 
they will sing in my party 

I see 50 animals in the zoo 
I saw a very scary movie 
he will see a movie with his girlfriend 

i watch TV 2 hours a day 
He have watched all harry poter movies 
They will watch a movie together 

I am learning english with my sister 
she learned some techniques of painting 
my grand mother will learn to use a computer 

I am eating pizza 
we ate a lot of food at my mom's party 
all the school will eat ice cream tomorrow 
1-I am working 
2-I am screaming 
3-I am eating 
4-I am watching tv 
5-I am playing football 
6-I am drawing 
7-He is taking a shower 
8-She is bored 
9-We are looking 
10-They want to be your friend 
11-I love my room 
12-I am driving 
13-She is cleaning 
14-We are cooking 
15-We are going to the party 
16-He needs help 
17-We are chatting 
18-He is embarrased 
19-I am writing 
20 he is fighting