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Cuento o historia en ingles

Once upon a time there was young girl named blue, she used to live in a poor  village named Poorville. Everyone in Poorville was poor and did not have any economic resources, most of people in town were servants at the great castle and the rest were homeless. 

 Blue lived in a small house with his father Rumple, his father worked as servant at the great castle. Blue was about to celebrate her 18th birthday, her father Rumble had worked really hard to get her a present, he bought her a shiny silver crown because Blue was the princess of his life. 

Blue had tears in her eyes when she received her gift  and felt very especial , but she also knew that his father sacrificed all of his savings, she told him that she had a gift for him as well , she was able to get a job at the Great Castle in order to help him, his father Rumple was sad  but understood the decision of his daughter. 

 One day at the Great Castle, Blue was washing the dishes when the prince entered the kitchen, Blue did not noticed that he was inside she was talking with her coworkers while doing the dishes, Blue was really friendly so every servant knew her and adored her, she was telling the story about her birthday, she was telling them that felt powerless and felt that Poorville had no opportunities to be successful. The Prince approach to Blue and introduced himself, Blue was really embarrassed about the situation , The Prince noticed that Blue was really beautiful and immediately felt in love with her, he asked Blue to go with him to the main garden , because he wanted to know her, Blue accompanied him and talk about her dreams, her family everything about her and her ideas to make Poorville better, the Prince advised that he did not know anything  about Poorville but he was about to become the King and his main purpose was to unite the town into one great nation he said that he would do his best to bring happiness to Poorville but he wanted one thing in return, Blue said that she would do anything he asked, The Prince asked her to married him. Blue said that nothing could make her happier and accepted his proposal, and a year later she became the queen of the town, and helped the town to be better in every way possible, her father Rumple was proud of her daughter and moved to the Great castle to be with his little princess. The town, Rumple, The king and new Queen Blue lived happily ever after.

The End