My brother and my sister are going to the park san andres 
my grandmother jump from a helicopter
 my father is the president of united states
 my mom works in a chocolate factory 
my uncle took me to China 
my aunt took me to visit his family
 my pet clothes damaged my mom and dad 
my grandfather jump on a trampoline to fall into the pool 
my friends are playing on a ps4 
my cousin julian damage my toys 
my cousin Marian went to cali to visit his uncles 
my neighbor's dog peed on my plants 
my mom and I visited another continent 
my family was mad at me because I pranks 
Professor esnseña us the verb to be 
professor teaches Spanish adjectives
ana travels for orlando florida 
Piscilago tourists visit for fun
my teammates are playing GTA 
my family will visit the beach of Cartagena