1: hi friends what where you doing? 
2: hi, we were talking about you
3: yes we were talking about you, y that u are the best friend of all the world
1: oh thanks! You too
2: com on... Tell him the truth..
3:ok.. Tell it you
2: he wants to tell you
1: ok.. What are you waiting for?
3:NOTHING! Only that i didn't pass the exam And i didn't tell mom I AM GOING TO GET KILLED!
1:na... I don't think so
2: yes he's Going to Get killed!
3: because my mom Gets very hungry when i do that 
1: ok, but tell her that you are not going to do that anymore And she Will understand..
2: but he did that the last time And she say ok but no more, And if he do it again he is Going to be not very Well.. So he is nervious!
1: ok keep calm And tell her, i m Going to be with you
2: DON't DO IT! You (1) didn't understand him..
3: no, it's ok i m Going to tell her :) 
2: ok do all you want'.. I've to GO bye
3:see you And don't get ungry
1: i've to GO HOME to.. Is getting dark you only tell her bye, love you
3:bye, tomorrow we can talk in school 
1: good luck!
3: bye :)
Es un historia de unos amigos que se encuentran (meet) en la calle (street) y a uno (que se llama 3) le da miedo decirle a la mama que le fue mal en el colegio y nada después 1 lo convence ( a 3) que le diga y 2 no quería que le diga y se va como medio enojado porque nadie le hizo caso a el, después terminan de hablar 3 y 1 y 1se tiene que ir a su casa porque estaba oscureciendo y 3 finalmente le dice a la mama ojalá que te sirvaaaaaaa eso si, ponele nombres de personas a los números, si podes que sean hombres porque escribí todo con "he" te doy ayud si queres : jack/ tom/ philip
Chau suerte!