1.- If I drink tekila, i will be a drunkness
2.- If my girlfriend want it, i will kiss her
3.- If I don't study, I won't be good in math
4.- If her family say yes, I will marry her
5.- I won't take a shower, if the water is cold
6.- I won't eat those food, if i don't like them
7.- I will need a car, if I want go to travel
8.- If the sky is dark, may be it will be rain
9.- If I am tired, i won't go to the party
10.- If his dad come back, his mom will be happy
I`ll give you five and five alright?

I will go to your party
You will have to clean up your mess
What will I do if something gets wrong?
The guys will be go to the cinema
He says he will jump from the bungee
I will study tomorrow.
We will win next time.
She will be my girlfriend.
My best friend will come home next week.
The things you do will get you in trouble.
After the game we will go for some snacks.
If you don't study today, you will fail tomorrow.
Next month he will go to Europe.
Some of them will be sick next day.
We will rock you.