1.- Can I take that?
2.- You can´t run in the classroom!
3.- I can't change anything
4.- Can I mend your broken pencil?
5.- I can't do this anymore!
6.- Can I go to the bathroom?
7.- I can't see the problem!
¡La mejor respuesta!
.You can go to the park now, it is not raining anymore.
2. He says he can fix radios.
3. She can run faster than all of her friends.
4. You can come to have lunch at my house tomorrow.
5. Now that we have a passport, we can travel to new York.
6. If you can play the guitar, you should join my band.
8. Can you pass me the ketchup, please?
9. Can it be used that way?
  10 You can have better things if you work harder.

-11 The students can´t study the subject.
.-12 Marina and I can´t drink beer.
-13 Sergio and Sasha can´t cut wood.
.- 141You can´t fix the car.
-15 They can´t clean the window.
.16- Genna can´t take pills.
-17 We can´t love.
.18- The children can´t play football.
.-19 Carlos can´t burn garbage.
- 20  I can´t win the competition.
.- 21 She can´t watch TV.