This is a conversation between 3 friends. Their names are JANET, ELIZABETH & GEORGE.

JANET: Hi Elizabeth, how are you today. I'm feeling so exited that we'll go to the party tonight.
ELIZABETH: Oh yes!, me too. I'm crazy to go and buy something new to wear tonight because all my dresses are very old.
JANET: Ok, I can help you. Let's go to the nearest mall and i'm sure we'll find something for you.
ELIZABETH: That's a good idea Janet, but first I think we should call George. He lives very near and he can pick us up in his car. What do you think?
JANET: That's a good idea. Just call him and let us wait for him here.
ELIZABETH: (after 5 minutes) Hey Janet!, I already spoke to George and he'll be here in 20 minutes. He said that we can go to the "Cristal Flower" mall, its the nearest one.
JANET: Great!. I know that mall. It has a lot of stores. My favorite there is "Armani". I love that store!. They have wonderful staff!.
ELIZABETH: Ok, we will see there what can I buy. I'm thinking to buy a black short dress, what do you think?. Or maybe a trouser and a top, do you think it will fit better?.
JANET: Well, i'm not sure, i'm going to use a red dress, the same i used for the last new year party, do you remember?
ELIZABETH: Yes I do. It's a beautiful dress. Oh look!, George is coming!.
GEORGE: Hi girls, how are you today?. Is it everything fine?
JANET: Yes it is. We were just waiting for you.
GEORGE: Ok, lets go.
ELIZABETH: Thanks a lot George. You are a great friend. I hope we didn't disturb you asking you to pick us up here.
GEORGE: No, you didn't. I was just watching TV at home and very bored. Actually this is a good chance for me to go out today.
JANET: Oh look!, that's Penny's dog!. I think she got lost. Penny is not around here.
ELIZABETH: Are you sure is that Penny's dog?.
JANET: Yes I am. It's the only German Shepherd around here.
GEORGE: Let us call Penny then. Maybe she is already worried about her dog.
ELIZABETH: Ok, but let us finish in the mall first. Later we can call Penny and also we can go and drink a delicious coffee in Starbucks.
JANET: Great!. Let's go.