If you didn't feed your pet, it'll be sad
if you get up early, you'll take advantage of your day better
if Julian doesn't go to the party, Mark'll be mad.
if it rains today, we won't go running
if you don't deliver the work for Tuesday, you won't pass the subject
if the car has no fuel it won't work
if you don't water your plants, they'll wither
If you don't wear a coat, you'll get sick.
if you don't wait long enough, you won't harvest the fruits
if you break your glasses, you won't see well
if you travel more, you will meet many interesting places
if you turn off the light, you'll save a lot of energy
if you throw things on the floor, the place will be dirty
if you exercise, your life will be healthier
if you are a good parent, your child will be a good son
if you can prove what you say, they would have greater confidence in you