I am studing English- yo estoy estudiando inglés
you are eating cake- ustedes están comiendo pastel
she is writing a letter- Ella esta escribiendo una carta
he is doing the homework- El está haciendo su tarea
we are watching TV - Nosotros estamos viendo la Television
you are reading the same book- Tu estás leyendo el mismo libro
they are living a fantasy- Ellos están viviendo una fantasía
I am loving this man very much - Yo estoy amando mucho a este señ


1.- I'm working on my English homework.
2.- She's reading the newest Jane Green book.
3.- They are watching a movie.
4.- We are going to the park to feed the ducks.
5.- You're talking too fast.
6.- I'm waiting for a friend to arrive.
7.- Ana is washing the dishes.
8.- He is talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
9.- They're mailing a birthday present to Rosy.
10.- We're learning about present continuous.
11.- The teacher is writing the exercise on the blackboard.
12.- They're running a marathon.
13.- My sister is baking a cake for her boyfriend.
14.- David is cleaning the inside of his car.
15.- He's packing what he needs for his travels.