Correcting mistakes in these sentences

1. Im coming from Brazil
2. Where do she come from?
3. i have 27 years
4. when you go bed last nigth?
5. what do you do last nigth?
6. Carlos spend too much money on designer clothes
7. I studied for two years at school english
8. " who is bag is this" "Its mine".
9. Where you go on vacation this year?"
" I ll go to miami in august"
10. He have long blond hairs and blue eyes

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1) I'm coming from brazil .
2) Where DOES she come from?
3) I AM 27 years old. (cuando es edad no se pone have/has, se pone el verbo to be(am,is,are))
4) When DID you go bed last night?.
5) What DID you do last night?
6) Carlos spendS too much money on designer clothes.
7) I studied english at the school for two years.
8) "Whose bag is this?" "It´s mine"
9) Where WILL you go on vacation this year?
"I'll go to miami in august
10) He HAS long blond hair and blue eyes.

MAYÚSUCULAS= Error corregido
Recuerda que el I (yo) siempre va en mayúsculas.