*I have eaten an apple. 
I haven't eaten an apple. 
Have I eaten an apple? 

*He has bought me a car. 
He hasn't bought me a car. 
Has he bought me a car? 

*The have studied for the test. 
They haven´t studied for the test. 
Have they studied for the test? 

*You have seen that film. 
You haven't seen that film. 
Have you seen that film? 

*He has played football. 
He hasn't played football. 
Has he played football? 

*We have listened to music together. 
We haven't listened to music together. 
Have we listened to music together? 

*I have red a book. 
I haven't red a book. 
Have I red a book? 

*She has texted me. 
She hasn't texted me. 
Has she texted me? 

*My mom has called me. 
My mom hasn't called me. 
Has my mom called me?