what did they reserve?
where did he stay?
When did he leave the party?
Where did she die? 
What did they say this afternoon? 
Who did you contact? 
When did you finish school? 
Where did you buy that shirt? 
What did you do this morning? 
Why did he leave yesterday? 
Who did you call 5 minutes ago? 
When did they eat last week? 
Why did he arrive 5 minutes later?
Where did you go the last weekend?
What did Paul read?
What did you study?
Who did you call last night?
What did they see at the zoo?
what did you post yesterday?
where did she take a lot of photographs?
who did the last photo?
what time did he leaved school?
what did they give her?
who did she phone?
why did tome hit Amelia?
why did Alicia break the vase?
what did you read on vacations?
who dress did she borrow?
what dress did she bought?
who did win the game?