Sunday is my day off - El domingo es mi día libre

She plays tennis every tuesday afternoon - Ella juega tenis todos los martes por la tarde 

On thursdays, I have lunch with my boss - Los jueves almuerzo con my jefe

My son's birthday is in May - El cumpleaños de mi hijo es en mayo

Last July, I went to Europe with my family - El pasado julio, fui a Europa con mi familia

We met in December - Nos conocimos en diciembre

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On manday i will have a very important essay
on tuesday i had the best day of my life
thursday would be perfect if i don't have to study
friday is the best day of the week
on saturday i usually hang out with my friends
sunday are the officially pijama day

january is when we start school after christmas vacation
on february is valentine´s day
on march will be my birthday
april is one of my favorites months
may would be awesome if we didn´t have school
june is the best month ever because we finish school
july is so depressing because it´s always the same
august it´s perfect because it´s always sunny
on september frnchesco will be taking his ap classes
on october paula wil celebrate her halloween party
december it´s christmas vacation
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