Hola porfavor nesesito 10 oraciones con goig to acerca de como voy a exponer en ingles porfavor

Primero que nada, esta mal escrito en "going to" y aqui te van las oraciones;
1.-Im going to supermarket 2.- I going to the school 3.- We are going to my house 4.- I going to the kitchen for some food 5.- I going to make my homework 6.- We are going to change the my room
Ya no te pases tu haz las 3 que quedan ¬¬


1- "I'm going to have some drinks"
2- "I'm going to sleep early, because I'm tired"
3-"I'm going to the supermarket because de fridge is empty"
4- "I need to exercise, so I'm going to the gym now"
5"I'm going to play football and then, basketball."
6"Today I'm going to be so tired"
7"I'm not going to eat nothing, because I want to be thin"
8"I'm not going to the school tomorrow, I'm sick"
9"You are going to start with this next week"
10"He's not going to be down anymore"