Make sentences with if

eg (lose my job) if lose my job, i won¨t have any money
1.(eat junk food) _______________________________
2. (be late for work) _________________________________
3. (not-stop smoking)___________________________
4.(eat vegetables)___________________________________________
5. (get your passport)________________________________________
6.(stay up late)_______________________________________________
7.(go to japan) ______________________________________________
8.(buy a new car)____________________________________________________
9.(not-do your best)___________________________________________
10.(do yoga)___________________________________________________________



¡La mejor respuesta!
If I eat junk food . I'll get fat.
If I'm late for work . I'll be fired
If I don't stop smoking , I'll have lunge deases.
If i eat vegetables . I'll be healthy.
If i stay up late .. I'll be tired tomorrow.
If i go to japan .I'll dicover new things
If i buy a new car . I wont have to take the buss.
If i don't do my best. I wont get what i want.
If i do yoga I'll be more relaxed.