What are you eating?
What time is it?
What is your name?
What is your chair?
What is your table?

Where are you?
Where are he?
Where are the book?
Where are the girl?
Where are the chair?

Why are you crying?
Why are you happy?
Why are you angry?
Why are you excited?
Why are you sitting?

Who are you doing?
Who are she doing in the park?
Who are he the playing football?
Who are they playing the bascketball?
Who'st there?
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Where is your pink coat?
My pink coat is on my bedroom
where is going to be the party for next week?
The party is going to be on the beach
who is your best friend?
My best friend is emily
who do you think that will win the competition?
I am not sure,all the contestants are playing well.
Why are you so happy?
I am happy because I got an A+ on my history exam
Why are you using a sweater?
I am using a sweater because its cold outside.
What time is it?
It´s seven o´clock
At what time it´s going to open the mall?
At twelve o´clock.
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