will i am
un ejemplo
espeero te sirva I will see her for Christmas. (La veré para Navidad).
Will you join us? (¿Nos acompañarás?).
She will study medicine. (Ella estudiará medicina).
We will travel on vacation. (Nosotros viajaremos en vacaciones).
They will come with us. (Ellos vendrán con nosotros).
Will she come for her birthday? (¿Ella vendrá para su cumpleaños?).


He will buy the airline 
I will loose my flight 
She will search the stopover 
He will play football 
I will open the door 
You will finish before me 
She will not be at school tomorrow 
We will not leave yet 
you will arrive on time 
they will want dinner 
I will not answer the question 
She will read the book