I don't wanna go to the school 
 They don't have enough experience 
 He doesn't like her 
 it doesn't matter 
 She doesn't like swimming 
 You don't know what i want 
 I don't care anything 
 I don't know what i need to do 
 We don't listen music 
 They don't have money 
I don't swim in a big river 
I don't go to Madrid
She doesn't play the guitar
She doesn't eat pizza
Maria didn't singe in 2000 
The dogs don't go out any more
South America doesn't have long winter
You don't go to this party
I don't go to sleep
i dont liki this. 
i dont have money 
i dont have a ballyou dont like me 
i dont like you 
i dont like my dinner 
i dont like this teacher 
i dont like this game 
i dont like this school
I don't remenber his name.
He doesn't do his homework.
He doesn't bring the camera. 
I don't know what is this.
I don't like chocolate. 
We don't have to go to school today. 
He doesn't play the guitar. 
She doesn't practise any sport.
I don't need the car.
We don't have a dog.
uiii ya no se me ocurre mas lo siento 

27 4 27
I don´t work
she don´t go to the school
he don´t wath tv
the cat don´t eat rice
you don´t go to the library
i don´t search the word
13 4 13