Tom and Janet are very good friends who grew up together , went to school together, and they went to college together now lives in San Diego tom and janet lives in Philadelphia. Despite living away , returned still very good friends.
Write to each other very often, writes her letters about life in the West Coast and she writes him lettersabot life on the East Coast last year that brithdays each sent a silver bracelet and she sent him a silk tie and tom Janet help each other very often ...
Tom and Janet were always like each other very much good friends and are stillWalter and Linda are our very good friends for many years we went to church together take vacations together. Walter now our kids played together and our kids played together now Walter and Linda live in Alabama and still live here in Minnesota but live fraapart fry are still very good ...write to each other many times wrote letters about life in the north and we write letters about life in the South never forget annjversries each last year Wesent plant them and sent us a painting that lent them money whenthey bought a new car and gave us tips when we sold our house and moved to an apartment that we love each other we were always good friends and we are still