1. I am not going to play tennis 
2. You are not my sister 
3. She is not a popular musician 
4. He is not my boyfriend anymore 
5. I am not a ugly person 
6. You are not a bad guy 
7. They are not going to come back soon 
8. We are not going to give up 
9. She is not the girl I saw yesterday 
10. They are not my brothers 
11. We are not friends anymore 
12. You are not my teacher 
13. I am not hungry but I want some cookies 
14. He is not who i used to know 
15. You are not going to slap me
16. She is not a model
I am not going to do your homework 
18. I am not going to sleep late 
19. I am not going to ignore my classes 
20. I am not going to write the next eleven sentences
21. We are not looking for that pencil. 
22. We are not at home at this time. 
23. They are not writing whith pen. 
24. They are not asking your name. 
25. I’m not cooking dinner for you. 
26. I’m not doing the right thing. 
27. You are not in a place you like. 
28. You are not something good. 
29. He is not crazy. 
30. She is not agrees with opinion.